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The videos are from earlier events.

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Video (3 mins) January 2007 meeting Vide0 (13 mins) from Feb 2007 Meeting Video(9 mins) March 2007 click

Video(21 mins) April 7th 2007 click

Video(21 mins) April 25th 2007 clickand

Video (26 mins) St Julians 27 Aug 2007


Upcoming Meetings:

Beacon Folk club meetings are held on the last Wednesday each month, note that we are now in the "blue room" upstairs and not downstairs room, we usually get started between 7.30 to 8pm. Singers and musicians welcome, we have both play along sessions or more experience performers can take the stage.



Still available DVDs from the following events: Colin & Berry's, Nye' , John Mac's & Cudham Christma party video. Price £3.00 each.

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What's the club like?

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We are very much a participation club, with a high proportion of members and attendees also performing. Most evenings are divided into two or three parts. Usually we start the evening off with a sort of "jam session", where one or more of our experienced members will lead in a song or tune, and any one who wishes can join in from your seat. Usually whoever is leading the session will announce what key the piece is in, which is a great help if you are trying to play along. All skills will be found, from complete beginners to real experts. These sessions are very popular as they give an opportunity for one of the most fun things about music - playing with others. The second part of the evening is usually devoted to a performance by a local band and the evening is wound up by a number or two with everyone joining in. The atmosphere is very friendly and players or non-players will be made welcome. Why not give us a look in on our next t meeting and bring your instrument, you're sure to have fun.

What Music is played ?

If you are interested in learning some of the music that gets played, check out the Just The Tune tutorial series Of CDs with tabs and sheet music by Rick Townend at

If you are into obscure unaccompanied folk songs this is not the place to come. Plenty of singing happens but usually with instrumental backing. There are no rules as to what can be played, and what actually gets played is quite a mixture, ranging from pop & rock to traditional fiddle tunes. However, popularity seems to centre around tunes and songs commonly associated with bluegrass, old time, 60s folk revival, traditional country, and skiffle. If you check out the music page you will find chord patterns for some better known numbers. For definitions of the mentioned music types click here.

What Facilities are available ?

As well as a bar in the clubroom you can also order a meal or snack to enjoy while you are being entertained.

Where & When

Meetings are on the last Wednesday of the month (except December and August) and are currently held at The Beacon Hotel, Tea Garden Lane, Tunbridge Wells. You can get directions & a map by clicking HERE

How Much?

Most nights £3 - or £2 to members. Membership is £5 (individual) or £10 (Family) - join as you come in. Occasionally we may put on special concerts for which the ticket price may be higher - members will always receive a discount on these evenings.

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