Spotify, Deezer, Epic Games Launch ‘Coalition For App Fairness’ In Challenge To Apple’s App Policy

Unhappy with Apple’s controversial policies surrounding third-party use of its App Store, thirteen music, gaming, and content distribution companies have joined forces to form the Coalition for App Fairness (CAP) in hopes of leveling the digital playing field.

A group of thirteen companies active in music, gaming, content distribution and software have joined forces to create the independent non-profit organisation Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), to ensure a level playing field and fairness in the dissemination of applications via app stores such as Apple App Store or Google Play. “As enforcers, regulators, and legislators around the world investigate Apple for its anti-competitive behavior, The Coalition for App Fairness will be the voice of app and game developers in the effort to protect consumer choice and create a level playing field for all,” said Horacio Gutierrez, Head of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer at Spotify. The CAF plans to “advocate for enforcement and reforms, including legal and regulatory changes, to preserve consumer choice and a level playing field for app and game developers that rely on app stores and the most popular gatekeeper platforms.” It added: “Given the widespread use and importance of apps, it’s essential that all apps can compete fairly in order to drive innovation and ensure that the benefits of digital technologies are enjoyed by everyone.” A dangerous new normal