12 Eclectic Podcasts For Musicians

Living, as we are, in the golden age of podcasting, picking and choosing what you listen to can be a challenge. For those enthusiastic about music and the music industry, we offer up twelve outstanding eclectic podcasts to consider giving a listen to.

The team here at Soundfly just recently (proudly) launched our first ever podcast, called “Themes and Variation.” In it, we’re bringing tons of musicians and music lovers together with members of the Soundfly team to break down meaningful songs in their lives with a common theme. Listen to Episode 1 of here on Flypaper to check it out, and click over to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or anywhere else you get your podcasts, to subscribe.

“Themes and Variation” is conversational, communal, and celebratory of the tangled web of musical styles and influences that make up one’s personal sense of taste, whether as an artist or a listener. In that same spirit of community and celebration, we can’t deny the influence that other amazing podcasts have had on how we’ve organized and produced our own.

In fact, there’s an abundance of incredible podcasts out there that we listen to addictively, and could list here, but since we’re a community built around the needs and interests of musicians, let’s stick to that today… Here are the Soundfly team’s Staff Picks of our favorite podcasts for musicians in 2020. Enjoy!